The 10 Best Blog Posts of 2020

Every year I summarize my writing of the year and pluck out the best blog posts out of the dozens I created for the year.

In the 12-year history of this blog, 2020 marked a massive shift in the content direction … is there anything that DIDN’T SHIFT this year? : )

When the pandemic hit, the marketing-related content I had planned seemed out of sync so I began to write about strategies to fight the other side of this pandemic. Those themes ended up being among my best blog posts, as you will see in this countdown of the Top 10 of the year, as defined by the number of reader page views.

In case you missed them, here are the best blog posts with the most views in 2020:

10. The one (and only) key factor in monetizing a personal brand

This was a big and bold lesson from a rock band — The Black Keys! Slow and steady wins the race. The personal brand was a highly important and relevant issue for 2020.

9. Why nostalgia marketing is the next big idea for your company

This post is my sweet spot — connecting the dots between current events and marketing truths to predict something new. I love writing posts like this.

8. A story of recovery and hope

I had the coronavirus and then I didn’t. This wrapped up the story of my illness about a month after the whole thing started. I reflected on what I learned from the experience.

7. Six steps to deal with business uncertainty

When I write, I try to put myself in the shoes of my readers. What is on their minds? What problem do I need to help them solve? Business uncertainty was a big one and it was a big post!

6. What is the future of conferences and public speaking?

The pandemic hit, my speaking business crashed so I did research to find out when executives thought the business would come back. They were mostly right.

5. Lil Miquela does not exist. She just made $12 million.

Computer-generated characters showing up as influencers is a bit spooky and this post hit a nerve with people. And they are making more money than most REAL influencers! This was also one of the most popular Marketing Companion podcast episodes of the year.

4. Head to the bottom of the pyramid

This my personal favorite post of the year. It was insightful, practical, and connected the dots. Many people wrote to me to say this was the best blog post they had read about adjusting to the pandemic. Very proud of that.

3. Seven non-obvious marketing implications of the coronavirus

I was very proud of this post because I was ahead of the curve with my projections and my audience rewarded me with a lot of nice comments and social shares.

2. End of Facebook Notes

This was not my best or most interesting post of the year but it caught fire because a ton of people were upset that Facebook canceled its “Notes” functionality. This was popular due to luck alone, I suppose. Such is the blogging life.

1. Coronavirus in the house

I had COVID-19 early in the pandemic so my audience was shocked when I wrote this post. I had a decision to make. Do I write about this disease? What if it went the wrong way?

There was endless curiosity about what was going on and I decided that I could use this as an opportunity to teach and perhaps de-stigmatize the disease. I never thought I would ever be writing a post like this on {grow}. But it was a year of many firsts!

Best blog posts BONUS

I looked over the archives to see if any of my best posts didn’t make the list of reader favorites. I did love this post — Why “resonance” is the future of SEO. It’s a true story and an important insight into how the world of SEO and digital marketing are changing in surprising ways.

I’ve been so fortunate to have great guest post contributors — Mars Dorian, Kiki Schirr, Brooke Sellas, Dionne Buckingham-Brown, and Keith Jennings. Keith wins the award for the most popular blog post from a contributor with How to Apply Servant Leadership Principles to Modern Marketing Practices

Like nearly everyone, I had a lot of ups and downs this year. Writing the blog posts for you was a constant that kept me going. Thanks for sticking with me in these challenging times. We’ll keep fighting to the other side together.

I appreciate you and the time you took out of your day to read this! You can find more articles like this from me on the top-rated {grow} blog and while you’re there, take a look at my Marketing Companion podcast and my keynote speaking page. For news and insights find me on Twitter at @markwschaefer and to see what I do when I’m not working, follow me on Instagram.

Originally published at on December 28, 2020.

Keynote speaker, strategy consultant, Rutgers University marketing faculty and author of 9 books including KNOWN, Marketing Rebellion, and Cumulative Advantage.

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