How to give your first speech and knock it out of the park | Schaefer Marketing Solutions

The content

Decorating it




  • Know the audience. Talk to the organizer and learn as much as you can about the audience ahead of time,
  • Get clear on the AV situation. What size do your slides need to be? Will they have the right hook-ups for your computer? What kind of microphone?
  • Will you be introduced, or do you need to introduce yourself?
  • If it is an international audience, scour your talk and remove any words and phrases that might not be familiar to all.
  • Will the talk be recorded? If yes, how will it be used (and can you get a copy)?
  • Get precise times, places, and mobile phone numbers in case something goes wrong.
  • Great advice on how to start a speech.


Go for it



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Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer


Keynote speaker, strategy consultant, Rutgers University marketing faculty and author of 9 books including KNOWN, Marketing Rebellion, and Cumulative Advantage.