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  • Jeff Cunningham

    Jeff Cunningham

    2019 Telly Award IconicVoices.tv; ex-publisher Forbes

  • A. Khaled

    A. Khaled

    Internet culture scribe with an interest in the digital economy, content creators, media and politics.

  • Jonah Malin

    Jonah Malin

    creative writer gone pro.

  • Marc Vidal

    Marc Vidal

    Business consultant on digital transformation, investor in Startups, international speaker & economic writer. Madrid | www.marcvidal.net

  • Jad El Jamous

    Jad El Jamous

    Techpreneur. Cultural innovator. Working on 3 ventures for well-being. LBS MBA2018. Ex Growth lead @Anghami & @Englease. Digital business MiM @IEBusinessSchool.

  • QuHarrison Terry

    QuHarrison Terry

    Future Thinker

  • Ryo Leong

    Ryo Leong

    Content Strategist, Content Play — Helping to craft your stories to date and chart your stories to come.

  • Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway

    Prof Marketing, NYU Stern • Host, CNN+ • Pivot, Prof G Podcasts • Bestselling author, The Four, The Algebra of Happiness, Post Corona • profgalloway.com

  • Zander Nethercutt

    Zander Nethercutt

    mistaking correlation for causation since '94; IYI, probably | 🧓Chicago, IL | ✍️. @ zandercutt.com | GET IN TOUCH: zander [at] zandercutt [dot] com

  • Emma D'Arcy

    Emma D'Arcy

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