Five Highlights From My New Speech on AI

Mark Schaefer
5 min readFeb 19, 2024

First, allow me to say humbly and honestly that I’m no expert in AI.

But who is?

I can say with authority, however, that I am a student of AI, and I’m good at distilling complex ideas like artificial intelligence into the essential issues that matter to a business. While I might be the last marketer on LinkedIn who hasn’t added “AI Expert” to his title, I can still connect the dots in an informed manner!

So, I relished the opportunity to prepare a new speech — “Harnessing the Power of AI” — for my friends at The Waitapu Group. I will be premiering this new speech at a series of events in their lovely home country of New Zealand, and I wanted to give you a sneak preview.

If you need to make sense of the profound change that is happening and rationally envision an approach to AI for your company, this speech — tailored to your needs — makes sense. I would be glad to speak to your company or organization.

Here are five (out of 10) highlights from my new presentation:

1. The rate of change is more important than the change

While the new capabilities of AI are magical, the bigger organizational challenge will be keeping up with the pace of change.

No human being and no bureaucratic structure is built to process the rate of change we are about to experience. The moment it takes to read this sentence is the slowest moment of technological change you will ever experience.

In my speech, I suggest a new organizational mindset for dealing with this startling new reality.

2. AI will come to us

In the frenzied early days of the internet, the conventional advice was that we would need to learn how to code to survive in our careers. My smartest, most ambitious friends became coding experts and created unique, rudimentary applications that provided some short-term value.

However, I did perfectly OK by not coding at all, because the internet came to me. Everybody did the work…



Mark Schaefer

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