20 Entertaining Uses of ChatGPT You Never Knew Were Possible

Mark Schaefer
12 min readDec 12, 2022
Uses of ChatGPT image courtesy Frank Prendergast

Our RISE community has been on fire, exploring the breathtaking possibilities of ChatGPT. The uses of ChatGPT are simply endless and intoxicating

It’s still early days. Companies are trying to figure out the legal and ethical implications of a content world suddenly turned on its head by artificial intelligence. And yet … applying powerful AI to everyday tasks is awesome.

So I challenged my RISE community friends … let’s have some fun and come up with some non-obvious uses and share them with the world.

Here we go.

1. Write a Twitter thread

Jim MacLeod asked ChatGPT to create a Twitter thread for him on the subject of design.

2. Write a novel

Giuseppe Fratoni wants to write a novel.

“Wow, this thing is unbelievable! I’m speechless. I literally asked the first thing I could think of, combining three of my passions: writing, mystery novels, and jazz.

“The request was: “Develop a plot for a mystery novel where a disillusioned homicide detective hunts a clever serial killer who preys on musicians who perform the jazz standard Autumn Leaves”.

“Here’s what I got:

Detective James Thompson is a seasoned veteran of the Homicide department, but lately he’s been feeling burnt out and disillusioned. His latest case, the murder of a young jazz pianist who was found brutally killed in his home, only serves to deepen his sense of despair … (much more provided)

3. Guest speaker Q&A prompts

Richard Bliss suggests:

You have a guest speaker coming to your event and you are going to want to ask questions from the audience…have ChatGPT pre-generate some of the questions for you. The moderator can say, “And here’s a question for you from our AI?”

For example, the conference is about water scarcity in the US West. The speaker is an expert on water management. Here was my query to…

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